Products for the mining and construction industry
Asphalt Bloc
Release agent
Anti-Stick release agent for asphalt handling equipment

Asphalt Bloc barrier and forming fluid offers contractors several advanatges over conventional petroleum based and water based barrier fluids.
The primary advantage of Asphalt Bloc is the economy of use, due to the fact that a very thin layer of product will eliminate asphalt adherence to tools and equipment. Equally important is the fact that Asphalt Bloc residues will not contribute to environmental pollution, and is totally safe for workers who apply it.
Application is simple, using a diaphragm pump or hand sprayer. Compared to petroleum based barrier fluid films, Asphalt Bloc emits a much lower odor, making it more pleasant to use.
And due to its tenacious film strength, Asphalt Bloc is much more effective than petroleum or water based barrier products.


Non petroleum based

Low application rates


More effective than water based products

Non staining

Non carcinogenic
Easy clean up
Environmentally safe
Low odor
Easy to handle and store
High flash point
Most cost effective barrier fluid